Subscription Services

Register for Subscription Services within eBanking to receive updates by SMS or email. There are a number of Subscription Services available:


Available Subscriptions:

Account Balance Service

To help keep you up to date with your account balance we can send you an email or text message to let you know when your balance goes above or below a level you have set yourself.

This will help you know when a payment (such as your salary) is in your account, or when you are getting near a debit balance or your overdraft limit on your account.

5 Options available

  1. When the balance is less than – [amount]
  2. When the balance is more than - [amount]
  3. My balance is - choose a day of the week or 1st of every month
  4. When there is a debit of more than – [amount]
  5. When there is a credit of more than – [amount]

Notifications from the bank
Subscribe to receive a text or email alert when new statements and other documentation are made available to your secure eBanking electronic mailbox.

Insufficient Funds
Subscribe to receive a text or email alert if a payment or transfer (entered in eBanking) cannot take place because of insufficient funds.

SEPA Direct Debit
By registering for this service, you will be constantly updated on your SEPA Direct Debit payments.

You will be notified, when you receive SEPA Direct Debit collections.

If you do not register for this service, you must log on to Danske Bank eBanking to check whether a new SEPA Direct Debit collection has been received by us.


How do I register for the subscription services?

  1. Log on to eBanking
  2. Select 'Mobile Services'
  3. Select 'Subscription service'
  4. Select 'Subscribe' from the arrow to the left of the service you wish to register for.


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Important information

We do not charge for this service but charges from your service provider may apply. Account Balance service is available to all personal customers even if you are not registered and using eBanking.

Find out how you can register for Account Balance Service if you are not currently registered for eBanking.

Texts and emails are not encrypted.

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