Online Meeting

Online Meeting

Hold a meeting with an Adviser online.​​​​
  • Meet an Adviser from the comfort of your own home
  • Available during the day, in the evening or at weekends
  • Multiple parties can join from different locations


An Online Meeting is a free-of-charge and safe service that allows registered eBanking users to receive high-quality advisory services in the comfort of their home. Available during the day, the evenings or on Saturdays.

By sharing illustrations and calculations, we can guide you through complex subjects such as Mortgages, Personal Loans and Financial reviews, in an easy-to-understand manner.

It is easy, safe and simple. You do not have to install anything on your computer. All you need is a computer with eBanking access and a telephone.

Register for eBanking

You must be 18 or over. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Your home is security for your mortgage. You may need to provide other security. A Danske Bank personal current account will be required to service the mortgage. You can get details of fees, service charges and interest rates that may apply to our personal current accounts from any of our branches and throughout this web​site.

How it works


Book an Online Meeting

You can book an online meeting by completing the form online, over the phone or in branch. Once the meeting has been confirmed, you will receive details via text/email of the meeting date and time.​​​ Up to 5 people (including the adviser) from different locations can take part in our Online Meeting service.​



You receive a meeting link in Danske eBanking

Half an hour before the meeting, you will receive a link to the meeting through eBanking. Click on the link to enter the online meeting. Once you enter the meeting the Adviser will call you. You can speak to the Adviser over the phone while information is shared with you online.


See calculations and illustrations
real-time on your screen

During the meeting, the Adviser will show you relevant documents and calculations on the screen – just as if you were in a meeting room with them.​​​​​​



Signing agreements and

After the meeting, if applicable, we will send you any documents that require your signature to your postal address. These can be returned in the prepaid self addressed envelopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken some of your frequently asked questions and answered them below.

Do I need special features on my PC to hold an Online Meeting?

Danske Bank online meetings are up to the newest standards. It allows you to connect to the meeting only using your browser, without any plugins or additional software (you don’t need to install anything – just click on the link).

Two important requirements to use online meetings:

  1. Make sure you’re using a web browser. Internet Explorer will not work. We’re supporting other great alternatives. Check this out:

    browsers and operating systems that support the Danske online meeting tool

  2. Make sure you stay on the same browser, when clicking the link. Your data security is the most important thing for us. When you click on the link to enter online meeting in eBanking we validate you, so make sure that your default browser is one of the listed above.
What type of Internet connection do I require?

Online Meeting uses standard Internet connections. If you have an older modem connection or a 3G connection with insufficient coverage, you may experience problems. If you do, the meeting can be held over the phone without using the Internet or you can arrange a meeting at your branch instead.

Is my meeting secure?

Security is important for Danske Bank, and we have taken every precaution to ensure that no one else can gain access to an Online Meeting. You must, of course, apply the same security measures as you always do when using the Internet. Read more about security

Who will I meet with at an Online Meeting?

You will meet one of our Advisers to discuss mortgages, personal loans or to conduct a financial review.

Can more than one person take part in an Online Meeting?

You are of course welcome to have your spouse or cohabitant, for example, join a Danske Online Meeting. You will have to use the same PC and put the phone on speaker.

If the other party/parties are in a different location we are able to accommodate up to 5 people (including the adviser). They need to be Danske Bank eBanking customers and have access to a phone and PC/Laptop.

Where do I get help?

If you need technical support in connection with an Online Meeting, call customer support. Click here for telephone numbers and opening hours.

0345 6002 882

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