Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Danske Bank app
for Apple Watch​​
  • Check your account balance and transactions
  • View Spending Overview
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 or later


If you use the Danske Bank Mobile Bank App you can use our app for Apple Watch when you pair it with a compatible iPhone. Simply install Danske Mobile Bank App on your iPhone and access the Watch App using your existing eBanking passcode.

Account balance 

Get a quick balance and view transactions on up to 3 accounts.

Spending Overview

Get an overview of your spending on your selected current account.

You must be registered for and logged into eBanking using your Access ID to be able to use Danske Mobile Bank and Apple Watch Apps. Danske Mobile Bank App is available for iOS and Android devices and Windows Phone.​​​

We have taken some of your frequently asked questions and answered them below.

Who can use the Watch App?

This feature is available for any customer registered for Danske eBanking and using Mobile Bank on an iPhone 5 or later version. You must have at least iOS 9 installed on your phone for the app to work.

What features can I access on my Apple Watch?
  • You can view the latest balance and transactions within the last 24 hours on up to three bank accounts, including current accounts, savings accounts and loan accounts.
  • You can get an overview of your spending on a selected current account.
How do I install the app on my Apple Watch?
  • Download the Danske Mobile Bank App to your iPhone
  • Set up the accounts you want to view in the settings menu (You can find instructions explaining how to complete this below);
  • Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone;
  • Go to the Apple Watch control app and select the Mobile Bank option and choose ‘Install To Phone’.
Do I have to log into the app?

Before logging onto the Watch App you must make sure the ‘Remember User ID’ option is selected on the Danske Mobile Bank App. When you select the app on Apple Watch you will be asked for your eBanking passcode to continue.

How do I set up accounts to view on the app?
  • Go to the Settings menu on the Danske Mobile Bank App;
  • Select Apple Watch;
  • Add up to three accounts;
  • Select a current account for Spending Overview;
  • Save your settings;
  • Your selected accounts will now show on the Danske Watch App.
Can I change the accounts I view on my Apple Watch?

Yes, you can do this in the Settings menu on the Danske Mobile Bank App.

How do I access the Apple Watch Settings on the app?
  • Open the Danske Mobile Bank App;
  • Select the cog wheel icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app. This will bring you to the main Settings menu.
Can I transfer funds or pay bills using my Apple Watch?

This option is not currently available.

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